The aim of this project is to develop a smart irrigation monitoring system using raspberry pi. Focus area will be parameters such as temperature, soil moisture, camera, humidity, rainfall detector of the soil wirelessly by using WSN and provide web interface (IOT) to the user. This system will be a substitute to traditional farming method. This system that will help a farmer to know his field status in his home or he may be residing in any part of the world. It proposes a automatic irrigation system for the agricultural lands. Currently the automation is one of the important role in the human life. It not only provides comfort but also reduce energy, efficiency and time saving. Now the industries are use automation and control machine which is high in cost and not suitable for using in a farm field. So here it also designs a smart irrigation technology in low cost which is usable by Indian farmers. Raspberry pi is the main heart of the whole system. An automated irrigation system was developed to optimize water use for agricultural crops. Automation allows us to control appliances automatically. The objectives of this project were to control the water motor automatically, monitor the plant growth using webcam and we can also watch live streaming of farm on android mobiles by using Wi-Fi.