Education Organization

Learn, Innovate and Teach is the main motive of our education system. Knowledge is Divine.

Training Center

We offer Training & Placement Opportunity collaborative with Oracle and Red hat.


We organize many recognizable events and workshops encouraging students to be a part of it.

Online Shop

We get the Projects made by students to Next level on E commerce with spread of ideology.

No Limitation

Exploration is unlimited with the forums and monthly Technical summits.

Great Support

We provide support for those who strive to achieve more in their career with the SDC activities.

Your Career checkpoint starts here!



Going Beyond Innovation

Going beyond the confines of the classroom, beyond established curricula. Replacing mere instructions with teaching, authoritarian attitudes with friendly counseling. To give students a whole new approach to learning.

An approach, which is just the right mix of tradition and modern education techniques, with a strong value system and a career oriented blueprint. So that, they develop into complete human beings, not just good students.


Learn From The Best Lecturers

University of Jawaharlal Nehru Technology, Anatapur had Ratified all the efficient Professors and lectures who will be taking the classes and teach students way beyond the old syllabus.

Online PeopleSoft system Integrated for Parent Interaction